In 1999, our parent company, Flexcin International Inc., began research and development in the area of joint pain and the effectiveness of natural supplementation. The goal was to produce an all natural joint care supplement that was comprehensive (thereby effective), all natural, devoid of side effects and affordable.

After 3 years of research, formulation and testing Flexcin with CM8™ was introduced in capsule form as an all natural joint care solution for people. Flexcin with CM8™ was marketed both direct to consumer as well as through independently owned health food stores and chiropractic clinics. Results were even better than expected.FlexPet

Users quickly began to share their success stories with us. In fact, Flexcin worked so well that some of our customers had resorted to a variety of methods to administer Flexcin capsules to their ailing pets. Whether dipped in peanut butter or wrapped in cheese, Flexcin was improving the lives of people, and now pets, across the country. In response to customer requests, we created a new version of our joint care supplement as a chewable treat for pets. It is both palatable as well as easy to administer.

FlexPet with CM8™ contains the same active ingredients found in our human formula, Flexcin with CM8™. Learn more about our comprehensive formula and how we insure efficacy and purity with FlexPet’s ingredients and quality control.

The FlexPet Shelter Program

Our Shelter Program provides you with FlexPet at a discounted price so you can give it to your senior pets or pets with joint  injuries. This can help increase your adoption rates for these hard to place pets. Our no risk fundraising lets you get up to 50% of the proceeds from selling FlexPet. Our team will help you get set up selling online or at your shelter so it’s easy for you to implement.

Once a pet is adopted, the shelter can sell a FlexPet maintenance package to the new owner, keeping the dogs healthy for a long time and giving the shelter an additional revenue source. Flexcin International has worked out a specially discounted shelter rate, priced so that shelters can also raise funds from the sale of each maintenance package.

We also help our partner shelters with marketing and public relations support, as well as some sponsorships. Learn more with the FlexPet Shelter Program info packet.