With FlexPet you are covered under two guarantees

If you decide to sell FlexPet, our comprehensive formula ensures success, but of course nothing can honestly claim to help 100% of pets 100% of the time.  Although returns are few and far between, people who buy from you and your shelter are both covered by a money back guarantee.

End User Guarantee:

If someone who buys directly from your shelter is not satisfied for whatever reason, they may return the empty bottle to your shelter for a full refund.  Simply have a member of your staff call, fax or fill out the form below and let us know that you honored a return.  We will send you a replacement immediately, free of charge.

Shelter Guarantee:

You are covered by a 90 day buyback program.  If you decide to reap the benefits of FlexPet for your shelter and your pets, you have the first 90 days to evaluate results, receive feedback and decide if FlexPet will be a permanent addition to your shelter.  If, for whatever reason you decide against it, call, fax or fill out the form below and we will send a call tag for it and buy back whatever you haven’t sold.